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English Department

Pakokku University

Department of English

Departmental Information

Department of English is situated at room-201 and room-202, Pinya Hall in Pakokku University. Departmental structure consists of the total (35) staff, including (33) teaching staff and (2) office staff.

            In 2019-2020 academic year, all together (832) students specializing in English are studying. They are (218) first-year students, (160) second-year students, (187) students in third-year and first year (Hons:), (170) students in fourth year and second year (Hons:), (35) students in third year (Hons:) and M.A (Q), 22 M.A first year students and 39 M.A second year students.

Vision, Mission


  • To create good academic atmosphere that can shape students’ and staff’s life skills


  • To produce qualified graduates who can fulfill the local needs of the people in different sectors

Staff List of English Department.

No. Rank Qty
1. Professor 1
2. Associated Professor 2
3. Lecturer 16
4. Assistant Lecturer 12
5. Tutor 2
6. Office Staff 2
                           Sum 35


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