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Description of Department

            Mathematics is an essential part of the world, essential to everyone. Although mathematics does not have a definite definition, the word “Mathematics” is derived from the Pali word meaning “counting”. The English word “Mathematics” is derived from the Greek word for meaning “learning”. At the beginning of mathematics, counting, although the calculation was used, the mathematics was gradually expanded, and new ways of exploring new forms of nostalgia were found in reality. Now, mathematics becomes the master of technology world and new technologies, you need to use mathematics for new ones. Mathematics is a series of mathematical disciplines used in the field of mathematics, such as the field of natural science and social sciences. So, mathematics is a non-technical one, one of the world’s most advanced technologies. As the mathematical subjects are advanced, critics increase their ability to solve problems. Pay attention to improving your personality and learning the important mathematical subject in your lifestyle. The courses offered by the Pakokku Department of Mathematics are B.Sc., B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc. programme.