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Botany Department


Botany, as a subject is the scientific study of various aspects of plants. Plants are the fundamental producers in all food chains; they produce the vital oxygen, they provide us everything from clothes, medicine and oils to flowers.

The department of Botany offers three programmes for B.Sc, B.Sc(Hons.) and M.Sc, which not only deliver students with concrete knowledge in plant sciences, but also with strategic occupational skills such as critical and innovative thinking and team work.

Our Vision

To become the national and international scholars in plant science by supporting the educational and outreach schedules

Our Mission

To provide an environment in which botany as core science can deliver creative teaching, quality research and outstanding and responsible service to our community

Research Fields in Botany




Plant Taxonomy


Environmental Science

Academic Members

Prof. Ohn Mar Htwe B.Sc(Hons.), M.Sc, Ph.D(University of Yangon), Head of the Department

Prof. Thi Da Myint B.Sc, B.Sc(Hons.), M.Sc, Ph.D(University of Yangon)

Associate Prof. San San Hlaing B.Sc(Hons.), M.Sc, Ph.D(University of Yangon)

Associate Prof. Sandar Htun B.Sc(Hons.), M.Sc, Ph.D(University of Mandalay)

Associate Prof. San San Aye B.Sc(Hons.), M.Sc, Ph.D(University of Mandalay)

Associate Prof. Ohn Mar Kyaw B.Sc(Hons.), M.Sc, Ph.D(University of Mandalay)

15 Lecturers, 5 Assistant Lecturers and 1 Demonstrator

Contact Us

Prof. Ohn Mar Htwe

Phone: +95 79 120 1210


NoNameRankDegreeEmail & Ph-noPhoto
1.Dr Ohn Mar HtweProfessor & HeadPh.D (Botany)09 - 791201210
2.Dr Thida MyintProfessorPh.D (Botany)09 - 794459989
3.Dr San San HlaingAssociate ProfessorPh.D (Botany)09 - 770713984
4.Dr Sandar TunAssociate ProfessorPh.D (Botany)09 - 784288484
5.Dr San San AyeAssociate ProfessorPh.D (Botany)09 - 2029041
6.Dr Ohnmar KyawAssociate ProfessorPh.D (Botany)09 - 788115100
7.Daw Kay KayLecturerM.Res (Botany)09 - 401648373
8.Dr Hlaing Myo ThuLecturerPh.D (Botany)09 - 43002229
9.Dr Yin Yin KyawLecturerPh.D (Botany)09 - 402650823
10.Dr Cho Cho MyintLecturerPh.D (Botany)09 - 5114159
11.U Myo ThintLecturerM.Sc (Botany)09 - 402582447
12.Dr Zaw Lin AungLecturerPh.D (Botany)09 - 684777904
13.Dr SandarLecturerPh.D (Botany)09 - 422531106
14.Dr MarlarLecturerPh.D (Botany)09 - 778997101
15.Daw Kay Thi NyeinLecturerM.Sc (Botany)09 - 5366305
16.Daw Kyi War Yi LwinLecturerM.Sc (Botany)09 - 250596684
17.Daw Ohn Mar HtweLecturerM.Res (Botany)09 - 458868508
18.Dr Phyo Phyo Soe SanLecturerPh.D (Botany)09 - 420703874
19.Dr Han Su KyiLecturerPh.D (Botany)09 - 400459608
20.Dr Nwe Nwe AyeLecturerPh.D (Botany)09 - 253802403
21.U Kyaw Myo KhaingLecturerM.Sc (Botany)09 - 794252677
22.U Kyi ToeAssistant LecturerM.Sc (Botany)09 - 442520099
23.U Thant ZinAssistant LecturerM.Sc (Botany)09 - 404517576
24.Daw Tin Myo OoAssistant LecturerM.Res (Botany)09 - 442235221
25.Daw Tin Zar HtweAssistant LecturerM.Sc (Botany)09 - 951033574
26.Daw Thein Thein NuAssistant LecturerM.Res (Botany)09 - 456473470
27.U Soe Htut AungDemonstratorM.Sc (Botany)09 - 969874235

Lab Facilities

Departmental Activities

Science Fair

Sport Events

Final Year Botany Specialization Student’s Field Trip

Union Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation’s Visit

Union Minister of Education’s Visit to Botany Department

Workshop on Research Farm

Round Table Discussion on World’s Environmental Day 2019

Ceremony for Growing Plants